AMA文字回顾 | 河里人近况与未来发展

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  1. Cthuwork&NA’s announcement, which did not get Nova’s permission at first, has been withdrawn. The original announcement was made because unjust enrichment was found among members and it damaged the reputation of the community. Nova personally took the risk to resolve the problem. Nova is now a senior adviser to Cthuwork but retains de facto control. Rivermen has been desensitized to Cthuwork but Cthuwork will still assist Rivermen in terms of designing.
  2. SeeDAO helped Rivermen’s launch and operation in the early stages and will continue to do so.
  3. Rivermen’s roadmap for 2022 has been written. The development schedule has been arranged, and the operation team is also cooperating to plan related activities. The roadmap is expected to release this week, as well as Wiki (more comprehensive introduction of Rivermen and more detailed description of the gameplay), and more information will be added to the Wiki continually.
  4. Nova is one of the shareholders of Ponlaii, an architect firm that owns the Rivermen project. In the future, Only Nova needs to leave China when Ponlaii intends to release token.
  5. Sales and airdrops of RiverEstate will come out soon, while sales of Riverland TBD.
  6. As for the fusion of Place, we are considering whether to destroy the Scene used to merge.
  7. For the Lord of Time and Space, we have contacted BCA, a domestic art museum. It’s expected to exhibit AI-driven Along the River During the Qingming Festival in various exhibitions from February to July. We will also try to contact foreign art museums, and auction the Lord of Time and Space in top auction houses after reaching more attention.
  8. It is expected that the game version of RiverEstate will be released Q2 this year, and the visit of the whole Along the River During Qingming Festival will be open in 2–3 months after it. The first version of RiverTour will only have basic functions, and more functions will be gradually added in subsequent iterations (live mahjong, live performances, facial interaction, mini-games, exhibitions, shopping, etc.).
  9. The estimated development progress is based on the current manpower. Recently, the team is constantly expanding. If more devs, designers, and artists come in, the overall progress will be accelerated.
  10. The Riverland is different from the RiverEstate which can be placed on any land in the future. The first airdrop of about 360 RiverEstate was planned to be 200 at first, so the airdrop was originally scheduled for the end of February may be given in batches or slightly delayed. After that, the RiverEstate will continue to be distributed or sold at a rate of about 150 pieces per month. At some point in the future, a snapshot will be taken for Pawns and the “Key” will be airdropped, which will be used for the pick of the RiverEstate. The “key” can be obtained in different ways.
  11. The supply of RiverEstate is about 2,000 per year, and each one is artificially produced by real architects. The architect’s name will be written into the metadata. In the future, the holder of RiverEstate will have the opportunity to communicate with the corresponding architect for a second modification, which was inspired by the Mercedes AMG’s one man, one engine.
  12. The RiverEstate was built manually in the hope of establishing a closer bond between the builder and his collector. At the beginning of the design, the RiverEstate is not expected to be churned out and is highly similar. It is hoped that the holders of the RiverEstate can appreciate the works as well as the creators so as to establish a connection between the holders and builders as a result of tacit understanding.
  13. In the future, when the number of Pawn holders reaches about 5K, the metaverse will be considered and some creation tools will be provided for players to create home furnishings and articles. Stores will be introduced in the future. In terms of creation, international production standards, storage standards, and resource formats will be adopted. Tools will be open source, and a tool management committee will be established.
  14. The founders of Rivermen are Nova and Nyanyakanade. Nyanyakanade owns the copyright of the voxel version of Along the River During Qingming Festival. The copyright of Pawns is BY-SA given to all people.
  15. The financing of Rivermen is mainly conducted by Ponlaii. Because of the financing involving domestic companies, it takes longer to deal with policy and legal issues than originally expected, and all agreements have been finished before CNY. There may be a round of strategic financing in Q3 or Q4 this year, and there may be a pre-A after releasing tokens. Tokens will give back to Rivermen and Ponlaii owners. The fundraising PR is expected to be reported by mainstream blockchain media this month.
  16. Discord currently has only 3,000 members. One of the reasons is that during the project’s early days (August 2021), the project launched without too much hype. The number of Discord members is relatively low compared to other projects, but due to the current whitelist rules, many projects have a false number of Discord members as many bots are counted in. Rivermen will continue to gain attention, spread the consensus, and give back and motivate the current holders. For the short-term price, we don’t want it to be hyped up by FOMO or crashed, but rather hope to be steadily rising rather than violent fluctuations, so we choose to make more resources to give back to the community.
  17. The focus of the current work is the Lord of Time and Space and the RiverEstate
  18. Pawn rental function will be developed if needed.
  19. After being approved by Snapshot, detailed rules of Riverlottery will be published and relevant contracts will be written.
  20. The Chinese name of Rivermen AMA will be renamed “汴论茶会”




Blind boxes based on the voxel version of the famous ancient Chinese painting “Along the River During the Qingming Festival”

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Rivermen NFT

Rivermen NFT

Blind boxes based on the voxel version of the famous ancient Chinese painting “Along the River During the Qingming Festival”

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