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2 min readJul 8, 2022

Recently, the rentable NFT standard “EIP-4907” launched by the NFT rental market Double Protocol has passed the final review of the Ethereum development team and has become the 30th ERC standard on Ethereum. As soon as this news came out, it quickly fermented, which has caused heated discussions in the industry. At present, different functions and applications are given by various projects. As the unit price of some NFTs is getting higher and higher, the threshold for users to buy NFTs is also increasing, and the demand for renting NFTs is born. The core of NFT’s successful leasing is to separate its use rights and ownership. EIP-4907 uses dual roles owner and user to divide permissions, and the roles have a validity period, which means that the leaser’s permissions are automatically terminated after expiration without further on-chain operation. However, after carefully studying the protocol code of EIP-4907, there may be more details worth discussing. For example, during the lease period, the owner can unilaterally transfer the NFT and deprive the user of the leasing authority. In addition, EIP-4907 does not have the function of generating income. If a lease agreement is created, does the owner need to gain income through other channels? Obviously, the current NFT leasing agreement is immature. Is there a bigger breakthrough in the subdivision of the NFT leasing market? At 8pm on Friday, July 8, 2022, Rivermen producer NOVA, co-founder Miao Zou and ChainIDE technical ambassador, Wu Fengtao, will discuss about the impact of EIP-4907 on the NFT rental market.

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Rivermen Producer,NOVA

Rivermen Co-founder, Miao Zou

ChainIDE Tech Ambassador ,吴封tao

Time: 20:00 Jul 8th 2022

最近,NFT 租赁市场 Double Protocol 推出的可租赁 NFT 标准「EIP-4907」已通过以太坊开发团队最终审核,成为以太坊上第 30 个 ERC 标准。此消息一出,迅速发酵,已引发全行业热议。

目前NFT被各个项目方赋予了不同的功能和应用,随着一些 NFT 的单价越来越高,人们购买 NFT 的门槛也在提高,租借 NFT 这一需求便随之诞生了。NFT 顺利实现租赁的核心在于将其使用权与所有权进行分离,EIP-4907 使用了双重角色 owner 和 user 进行权限划分,并且角色具备有效期,意味着租赁者的权限到期后自动终止而无需再进行任何链上操作。

但是仔细研究EIP-4907 的这一协议代码,或许还有更多值得商榷的细节,如在租赁期间,owner可以单方面将NFT转移,剥夺user的租赁权限。另外EIP-4907也没有实现收益的功能,如果创建一个租赁协议,owner是否还需要通过其他的途径来获取收益?

显然,目前的 NFT 租赁协议是不成熟的,那在 NFT 租赁市场这一细分赛道中还有没有更好的突破口呢?2022年7月8日周五晚8点,Rivermen 制作人 NOVA、联合创始人喵奏以及ChainIDE 技术大使,吴封tao 将和大家一起聊聊 EIP-4907 对 NFT 租赁市场的改变和影响。

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Rivermen 制作人 NOVA

联合创始人 喵奏

ChainIDE 技术大使 吴封tao

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