How should we develop Metaverse + PFP NFT projects during the bear market?

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2 min readJun 22, 2022


In the past year, NFT market has experienced an unprecedented bull market. However, as ETH plummets, the NFT market sentiment turns sluggish.

From PFP to community rights, Dao governance rights, entity rights, product right, and future Token rights, we have seen NFT expand to various areas including art, music, sports, games, actual assets, documents, etc, bringing diverse experiences to fans of digital world. NFTs can be one of the pillars in the Metaverse. Not only can NFTs represent proof-of-ownership for digital objects and brand value, it can also be a reflection of every physical item on Metaverse. The value of combining NFT + metaverse has not fully been exploited. With the downturn of the market, we can review the development of NFTs and explore their more possibilities in the metaverse world.

At 8:00 PM (UTC+8), on June 25th, Wenser will invite Rivermen co-founder Miao Zou to discuss how to develop Metaverse + PFP NFT projects during the bear market?

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Host: Surfer in Web3, Crypto Thinker, wenser

Speaker: Rivermen co-founder Miao Zou

Time: June 25th, 2022 8:00 PM (UTC+8)

在过去一年中,NFT市场虽然经历了史无前例的牛市周期,但随着ETH的暴跌,NFT 市场情绪也变得低迷。

回顾NFT的发展,从单纯的PFP演变到社区权益、Dao治理权、实体权益、产品权益以及未来Token权益等,NFT的应用领域正在多方面拓展,从艺术、音乐、体育、游戏到实际资产和文档,为数字世界爱好者带来了全方位的数字体验。而在这发展的过程中,我们也意识到 NFT 是元宇宙中重要的基础设施之一,在元宇宙的生态里,NFT能印证万物,它既能成为品牌价值的存证,又能成为世间每一个实体物品的元宇宙通证。在过去的一段时间内,大家并没有完全挖掘 NFT+元宇宙的组合性价值,或许在市场低迷的状态下,我们能够重新去认识NFT,探索 NFT 在元宇宙世界中的无限可能。

6月25日(周六)20:00,wenser 特邀 Rivermen 联合创始人 喵奏,共同探讨熊市背景下的NFT+元宇宙项目的探索发展之路。


主持人:A Surfer in Web3、A Crypto Thinker,wenser

分享嘉宾:Rivermen 联合创始人 喵奏




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