Night Market in Song Dynasty VS. modern China. Let’s take a look at night market culture originating from Song Dynasty

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If you could travel to ancient China to experience the mysterious oriental culture, which dynasty would you choose?

Song Dynasty would definitely be my first preference, as the populace in the era could be engaged in a vibrant social and domestic life

As a sleepless city, Kaifeng city was brightly lit and full of voices all day long, with restaurants and tea houses 24-hour open. In the Northern Song Dynasty, the night market culture of Hangzhou city was also flourishing. There were various entertaining activities, including singing and dancing, juggling, theatrical drama, painting, composing poetry, writing calligraphy, tasting wine and tea, etc. Different from what we thought, women in the Song Dynasty were allowed to hang out during the day and night, which means women in the era could also enjoy the rich and diverse social activities in the night market. This is the manifestation of the economic and cultural prosperity of the Song Dynasty.

At 8:00 PM (UTC+8), on June 17th, travel in the Song Dynasty and experience the ancient life with Rivermen co-founder Miao Zou.

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Speaker: Rivermen co-founder Miao Zou

Time: June 17th, 2022 8:00 PM (UTC+8)



“夜市直至三更尽, 才五更又复开张, 耍闹去处, 通宵不觉.”

这是一座24小时不打烊的城市, 开封城内灯火通明,人声鼎沸,勾栏瓦舍分布在城市里, 酒楼茶坊,笙歌不停,通宵达旦……而北宋年间的杭州夜市文化同样繁华,吹拉弹奏、说学逗唱、歌舞小戏、卖艺杂耍、说书卖文、填词作画、品酒斗茶,娱乐方式多种多样,雅俗共赏。想象中古代女子都是大门不出,二门不迈,躲在深闺无人识。其实不然,宋朝女性不仅白天可以出门,还可以逛夜市,而这更标志了宋朝经济文化达到了发展的顶峰,在历史上迎来了自己的兴盛阶段!

6月17日(周五)晚20:00,来河里人社区与 Rivermen 联合创始人喵奏一起穿越到大宋,体验宋朝的24小时,在大宋的生活中学会做一个真正会生活懂生活的人吧~


分享人 : Rivermen 联合创始人喵奏

时间 : 2022年6月17日(周三)20:00



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