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2 min readMay 27, 2022



What is a killer app?

In the context of digital assets market, killer apps should not only establish novel class of assets with stellar performance, but also serve as a huge “utility anchor”, which enables many other digital assets in terms of utilities, in turn the killer apps will forge a stronger bondage with hundreds of millions of end users. The bondage and anchor effects will systematically reduce the entire market volatility. Now, with Web 3 under the spot light, people turn to GameFi, SocialFi etc. New areas for the emerge of next killer app with mass adoption.

Just a short while ago, crypto market had culminated with Otherdeed, moonbirds and StepN. This gives folks the illusion of killer apps. When hypes faded away and things went out of control, these star projects seemed to have left the center stage.

What is up recently with these three once high flying projects? What lessons and insights we can gather from these projects’ ups and downs?

May 28th 8pm (UTC+8), tune in Rivermen community. Join RiverTalk with Nova, Nyanyakanade, Kenneth and Arain to discuss the prospect of Web3 killer apps.

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NOVA, founder of Rivermen

Nyanyakanade, Co-founder of Rivermen

Kenneth, Investment Director of Mirana Ventures

Arain, Ambassador of Rivermen & Core contributor of CIG DAO



对于数字资产市场来说,杀手级应用不仅仅能够创造新的明星资产品类,更重要的是提供一个巨大的“效用锚”,能够让很多其他的数字资产获得效用,与亿万用户建立更加牢固的联系,从而降低整个市场的波动性。现在,Web3 成为新的焦点。人们希望在 GameFi、SocialFi 等新领域最终取得突破,产生出让亿万用户追捧的杀手级应用。


那目前这三个项目的近况又是如何呢?我们是否能在这些项目的发展轨迹中总结和获取一些”web3 杀手级应用”的经验和规律呢?

5月28日晚20:00,来河里人社区,和Nova、喵奏、Mirana Ventures — Investment Director ,Kenneth、河里人大使以及CIG DAO Core contributor,Arain 一起聊聊 web3 杀手级应用的展望吧~






Mirana Ventures — Investment Director ,Kenneth

河里人大使 、CIG DAO Core contributor,Arain





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